SpaceFlux [Music Producer] Psytrance

Twisted Frequencies 

Greece | UK

space | speɪs | noun [mass noun]

1. the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move

2. (also outer space) the physical universe beyond the earth's atmosphere

flux | flʌks | noun [mass noun]
1. the action or process of flowing

"The combination of these two words defines what I try to realise through my art & music...from hand drawings, to digital algorithmically designed art pieces and other visual & audio creations.

Inspiration for my music comes from the various genre journeys I’ve been through in the past and the time I’ve spent around nature. Playing classical guitar and music from a very young age and later being in metal band (electric/lead guitar) for a few years helped shape my ears and feel for rhythm and music early (and then of course Psytrance festivals that helped shape my taste for everything else!!), which is why you’ll find all aspects and elements from those bits and pieces in my creations, all leading to the eternal and cosmic effect of trance. From melodical elements to twisted soundscapes & FX, cutting synths that converse,  pumping beats, groovy/evolving basslines and a touch of nature, SpaceFlux combines everything in a structured & yet organic method. Hope you enjoy it! :)"

Constantine is one of the Twisted Frequencies co-founders and resident artists. His passion for music has been following him since a young age in one way or another, from classical guitar performances at the age of 12 to playing around venues in Greece with his metal band during his teenage years, before finally arriving in Brighton, where after various music projects and life events, SpaceFlux was born. 

A music & art project that combines all his knowledge, abilities and drive to create. The world of electronic music and synthesisers was brought to his attention after attending various Psychedelic Trance events both in Greece and the UK and then after attending his first international festival, everything changed. As time passed, his interest in these genres grew, along with the inspiration to create and learn about the synthesis and design of this music. After learning and playing with sounds and beats for a few years, SpaceFlux is ready to kick off in 2020 with various events, festival line ups and music releases planned for the year.





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