Simon Hayes [Producer / Composer] : Ambient | Downtempo | Zenonesque | Psytrance

Twisted Frequencies / Inertia

South Africa

Birthplace - South Africa. 

Simon grew up on the North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal Zinkwazi Beach where he drew wholesome chunks of inspiration through natures ambiance & divine landscapes. As time flowed, he was introduced to wide varieties of sound through great friends & loved ones. He developed a fond interest in mixing music and selecting sounds to accompany the good times, playing sets became a great adventure. From the inside of space, soothing harmony, captivating presence & chunks of bass allowed him to tap into all shapes & form.


Coming up on 5 years, Simon has been staying in the United Kingdom (Brighton) and has been fortunate enough to spend some time traveling and enjoying the local music scenes in Brighton & abroad. Whilst being able to catch many of his all-time favourite acts, his love for music has grown immensely and the interest to create and project such space has evolved. 


Throughout the course of getting to know what feels warming to the source and to be able to describe in word form what can be heard, felt & experienced from the project, deep atmospheric soundscapes, natures touch merging with insightful meditational values, slow and steady rising extensions throughout each storyline, mechanical twists & turns tuning into centered realms of being, all gathered together by trickles and tastes of solitude in a psychedelic shimmer, conveyed through gentle yet bold basslines.


Special Blessings to:

Clayton Bazaar (Maharetta Records)

Jimbo - Wavefunktion

Geoffrey-A-Geoffrey Smith


and to all who continue to inspire him!









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