OmNebula [DJ Resident] : Multi-Genre

Twisted Frequencies / Digital Diamonds 

Greece | France | Iran

OmNebula is the Co-founder of Twisted Frequencies, a team designed to focus on Psychedelic music and art events in Greece & the UK. He originally founded ‘The Floating Dune’, Brighton’s best kept secret chillout event in 2015 which in time gave him the inspiration to combine forces with his colleague to create Twisted Frequencies, now known as one of the most active Psychedelic events in the UK.

Widely known to hold experience of performing over 10 genres of music over the past 7 years at multiple venues, locations and festivals in both countries, he has had the utmost pleasure to host and perform alongside some monumental artists such as Aes Dana, Sensient, Kaya Project, Globular, Celt Islam, Symbolico, Kliment, Evil Oil Man, Slackbaba, Quanta, Man With No Name, Shakta, Suduaya, Alwoods, Vlastur, Hypnocoustics & many more...
From Brighton’s Yoga Festival & deep forest parties, all the way to Greece’s festive beaches and emerging Athenian nightlife, OmNebula has experienced a variety of cultured and emotional environments and has swayed people from all over with his captivating DJ sets. He is known as the shape-shifting musical chameleon in the music scene of Brighton, UK.

Over the years he has been invited to perform for magnificent visionary art exhibitions by ‘The Psychedelic Dream Temple’ and the ‘House Of Alchemy’ with works by Amanda Sage, Stuart Griggs, Kuba Ambrose, Chris Downing, Thomas Duchene, Luke Brown and many more!
In terms of genres, 2017/2018 saw him welcome Zenonesque and Psychedelic Techno into his repertoire. This led him to get noticed by labels such as Digital Diamonds and Zenon Records which showed appreciation to his dedication towards the music scene. A great choice indeed as it led him to release the 11th Podcast for the DD label and deliver the most frequent Zenon-based events in the United Kingdom. 2019 has opened the gates to the darker side of Psychedelic music...

OmNebula is always exploring new genres & sounds and so from a young age, he has embraced his triple nationality and in search of his own sound, his track selections are not restricted to one sole genre. His diversity in the music scene and eternal love towards it can be seen not only when he performs on stage but by his creative actions and the events he performs for. Collaborating with fellow artists and sharing his passion is something that he enjoys thoroughly to create wonders through art & music.

This is a devoted sound traveler...





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