OmNebula [DJ Resident] : Multi-Genre

Twisted Frequencies / Digital Diamonds 

Greece | France | Iran

OmNebula is the co-founder and resident Dj of Twisted Frequencies & Alchemists, two teams focusing on music and art in Greece and the UK. He founded ‘The Floating Dune’, a secret chill-out event in 2015 which later gave him the inspiration and confidence to create these projects with his close friends who shared the same passion for the arts.

Widely known to hold experience of performing over 10 genres of music over the past 6 years at multiple venues, locations and festivals in both countries, he has had the utmost pleasure of performing alongside some monumental artists such as Aes Dana, Kaya Project, Sensient, Globular, Celt Islam, Quanta, Slackbaba, Symbolico, Kliment, Evil Oil Man, Vlastur, Deep In Mind and many many more…

From Brighton’s Yoga Festival & deep forest parties, all the way to Greece’s festive beaches and emerging Athenian nightlife, OmNebula has experienced a variety of emotional environments and has swayed people from all over with his captivating DJ sets.

One moment that stands out over the years is where he performed alongside magnificent visionary art paintings by artists such as Amanda Sage, Stuart Griggs, Kuba Ambrose, and Florence Ménard to name a few, for the ‘House Of Alchemy’ exhibition launch in Brighton, UK.

In terms of genres, 2017 saw him welcome Zenonesque and Psychedelic Techno into his repertoire. A great choice indeed as it led him to release the 11th podcast on the German label, Digital Diamonds as well as deliver the most frequent Zenon-based events in the UK with Twisted Frequencies, maintaining their position and clear state of sound quality at the top of UK’s multi-genre Psychedelic events.

OmNebula is always exploring new genres & sounds and so from a young age, he has embraced his triple nationality and in search of his own sound, his track selections are not restricted to one genre. His diversity in the music scene and eternal love towards it can be seen not only when he performs on stage but by his creative actions and the events he performs for.
Collaborating with fellow artists and sharing his passion is something that he enjoys thoroughly to create wonders through art & music.

OmNebula loves to create visuals to be projected at some of his events alongside his venue decoration.
He also produced music under the project ‘Memorio’ with releases on Ovnimoon Records & Visionary Shamanics.

This is a devoted sound traveler…





t•OxyMoron [DJ Resident] : Darkpsy | Forest | Psygressive | Dubtechno | Dark ambient - Cinematic

Twisted Frequencies 


t'OxyMoron is the Darkpsy/Forest & Hitech project of Panos Efs, founded in early 2016.
Born in Cyprus and currently based in Brighton UK, Panos always had a deep connection to music & the healing power of dance.

During his adolescence, he was heavily influenced & deeply inspired by genres such as Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Stoner Rock, which he still worships today.

His first encounter with the Psychedelic scene came in 2008 and that moment seriously infected him.

After years of carrying the virus around, listening and dancing to the music, he felt that he had no choice but to take that Psychedelic passion and channel it through his own DJ sets, to offer an immersive, full power dancing experience.

He plays an eclectic taste in heavy music which undoubtedly pushes every dance floor to the edge, on both a collective and individual level.

Sharp & dark twisted atmospheres accompanied by overpowering basslines is his tested recipe.
He creates sonic stories, filled with samples that he selects & records himself, to stimulate not only the body but also the mind.

The tendency is to push it as far as it gets.





Skye [Producer / Composer] : Ambient | Downtempo | Zenonesque | Psytrance

Twisted Frequencies / Inertia

South Africa

Birthplace - South Africa. 

Skye grew up on the North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal Zinkwazi Beach where he drew wholesome chunks of inspiration through natures ambiance & divine landscapes. As time flowed, he was introduced to wide varieties of sound through great friends & loved ones. He developed a fond interest in mixing music and selecting sounds to accompany the good times, playing sets became a great adventure. From the inside of space, soothing harmony, captivating presence & chunks of bass allowed him to tap into all shapes & form.


Coming up on 5 years, Skye has been staying in the United Kingdom (Brighton) and has been fortunate enough to spend some time traveling and enjoying the local music scenes in Brighton & abroad. Whilst being able to catch many of his all-time favourite acts, his love for music has grown immensely and the interest to create and project such space has evolved. 


Throughout the course of getting to know what feels warming to the source and to be able to describe in word form what can be heard, felt & experienced from the project Skye is, deep atmospheric soundscapes, natures touch merging with insightful meditational values, slow and steady rising extensions throughout each storyline, mechanical twists & turns tuning into centered realms of being, all gathered together by trickles and tastes of solitude in a psychedelic shimmer, conveyed through gentle yet bold basslines.


Special Blessings to:

Clayton Bazaar (Maharetta Records)

Jimbo - Wavefunktion

Geoffrey-A-Geoffrey Smith


and to all who continue to inspire him!









Natalie Gathi [Performer] : Fire/LED/Poi/Hula Hoop

Mad Hatter's Tribe / Twisted Frequencies


Natalie Gathi, is a multi-skilled artist from Athens, Greece, based in Brighton. She has been a Performance Act & Event Organiser since 2015 and has organised outdoor and charity events since 2013. She is the co-founder of the Mad Hatter’s Tribe; creating unique themed events by combining different genres of underground music and promoting artists of all kind!! 

Natalie has performed in various private & social events as well as festivals across the UK & Europe. She describes herself as a: ‘’Multi skilled and LED Flow Artist’’ and has a passion for Modelling and other Show Girl Acts: Movie Extra, Ring Girl, Walkabout Character.



---> Resident Performer @TWISTED FREQUENCIES, Brighton

Body Burning & Fire Eating 

Fire: Poi, Fans, Palms

LED: Poi,  Fibre Optic Pixel Whip, Hula Hoop & Double Hoops 



Past & Recent Bookings [2017 - 2018]

Boomtown Festival: District 5 @Robotica Stage, Winchester UK

Connection FestivalLa Codosera Spain

Concorde2: Wobbly Records Presents: Eatstatic Live, Brighton UK

Twisted Frequencies: Temple Movement, Brighton UK

Mad Hatter’s Tribe: Portsmouth, UK

Genesis Festival: North Evia, Greece

Victorious Festival, Beats & Swing Tent: Portsmouth UK

Brighton 303: Sicknote, Brighton, UK

The Great Ghost Run: Portsmouth UK

EYE C: Express Yourself E: Loveution Community: Brighton UK

Fantasy Gothic Ball: Southampton, UK

UWCB: Ring Girling Events Across UK 

Natalie Gathi acts can include:
Fire: Body Burning & Fire Eating
Fire Poi
Fire Fans
Fibre Optic Pixel Whip UV Reactive
Hula Hoop & Double Hoops





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